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Young Cash Interview

**TooKnown's Interview of the Day**

This interview is well long awaited, so Im happy to finally bring it to you. Cash and I have been talkin bout getting this interview out for the longest time but with him and his busy schedule, it had to wait until now. No more of an intro needed, so enjoy the interview and the tracks below.....YAE!!!!

1. For all the people out there who know who this dude is and loves his music already are alright it my book. If you havent heard of this dude u been under a rock. A fuckin big one. My dude please tell those people who you are and what you represent??
My name is Young Cash A.K.A. Joey Galaxy Im an artist from Jacksonville, Florida and I represent M.O.E Entertainment, Duval County Rockstarz, and Nappy Boy Ent.

2. What influenced you to become the Nappy Boy you are today??
I just come from a musical backround, both my parents were gospel artist so singing has always been in me. I just never did it until I got tired of seeing artists that rap just rapping, and rapping, and rapping. Not to down play anybody but me and T-Pain are the ones that really rap and really sing, Tay Dizm is a rapper and is working on his singing and is getting better everyday.

3. Speaking of NB, how did you get the amazing opportunity to be part of that team??
T-Pain just asked me if I wanted to be on his label since my previous label SRC/Universal wasnt pushing me; plus we were friends prior to him blowing up. I used to look out for him back in the day, and he just wanted to see me win, so he bought me out of my contract with Universal cause he new my talent was getting wasted over there.
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4. Some rappers take their one chance at fame, run with it, and lose it. How are you preventing that while still keeping your fame way up there??
I stay working and I stay rellavent with my music. Even though I havent made it in the sense of being on tv and known world wide, the audience that I do have I keep in touch with them, keep my music fresh and stay entertaining them best I can. I also remain humble while doing it all.

5. Before getting that NB chain, how was the recording situation?? Did u record in the house studio or local studio??
If u ask anybody about Young Cash they will tell you I always had my own money from the streets so I always did what I wanted how I wanted whenever I wanted to. I had my own studio in my city for years, the same studio I used to let Pain record in and do beats for me in. So it was a nice studio and i got alot of work done there, plus I was signed to Universal so I recorded at all the top studios in the country from Los Angeles to New York and anything in between.

6. Has your music changed from when you first started, to joining NB??
Yea Pain put me in hit single mode and got me out of just makin songs for the hood. He said I needed to touch all audiences, so thats when I really started incorporating my singing to the max. I always knew that I could, just was kind of afraid what my core audience would think cause they never heard me sing, they just knew me for doin street gangsta music. The people took to it so now its me, thats my style.
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7. You got any singles, mixtapes, or albums out right now?? If not, when can we expect the next big artist outa NB to drop?? (DOWNLOAD BELOW)
Yea I have a mixtape out with DJ Khaled called "Motion Picture", another one called "The World is Mine" by Florida J, and I just did the latest one with DJ Smallz called "Im Just Tryin to Win", and u can get them all on Im also working on my album as well and I have a few singles poppin as well, I Support Single Mothers, Im the Shit, Im a Freak, and Where They Do That At.

8. Since my blog is all about the underground/indie artist, and thats who I mostly support, could u give them some advice since your already an established artist yourself.
People think we are a major, they fall to realize Nappy Boy Ent. is an independent label, so Im an indie artist as well, but the main thing I tell everyone is its all about hit records; Make hit records and push them period.

9. Is there an artist that you look up to, alive or deceased??
My favorite artist is Prince, hes the best of all time. I also look up to Cee-Lo, Andre 3000, Master P for his independent grind, and its alot more I can go all day.
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10. I know artists dont like to answer nor hear this question, but for the past 5-10 years rappers, producers and the fans have been saying that hip hop is dead or is dying. Whats your take on that??
We wouldnt be doin this interview if hip hop was dead.

11. Thats one of the most forward answers I have gotten yet, but being with NB do you get to travel to all of the extraordinary places that we normally see T-Pain in?? What is your favorite place??
Yea I do travel and perform with him, due to legal problems I cant leave the country, but in the states, I love my home state Florida, I like LA, and New York, and Vegas. I like big city night lights, and I also like lil small college towns cause the fans show love when u come thru there little cities.

12. Being that my company & I do music videos and interviews with many different artists (local & mainstream), do you have any music videos out(besides the Auto-Tune youtube video) that the people could check out??
Yea we about to shoot a couple videos, I have a couple videos on YouTube one called "Freeze" back when I was with Universal, and a video for a song I have called "X" featuring Yo Gotti & Shawn Jay. My most recent video was featured on called "Im a Hustla" produced by The Bizness which has 3million views so u can check those out too.
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13. Thanks again for doin this interview fam. Hopefull the upcomers take what you said to the head so they might get a chance to be where your at right now. But you got any last words or shoutouts??
Shout out my city Jacksonville Florida, my family, Nappy Boy, M.O.E./D.C.R.,, and to God I give all glory to him!

Young Cash feat T-Pain - I Support Single Mothers [Hot Fiya]

Young Cash feat IceBerg - Where They Do That At [Hot Fiya]

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