Tuesday, September 29

DJ CapCom Interview...

**TooKnown's Interview of the Day**

Not one of the oldest in the game at the moment, but never the less, he is definitely making a name for himself already. DJ CapCpm is his name, and I always say it, he really doesnt need anymore of an intro. Peep it and thanks for reading!!!!

1. First off thanks again for doin this interview. No intro really needed for you but for the people who havent joined the movement, tell em who you are and where you represent??
Yes sir! Well I am DJ CapCom A.K.A. I will fuck your favorite DJ up; A.K.A. you're the reason Jesus isn't coming back, haha. I'm a 16 year old DJ from Gun Rule
A.K.A. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Get with the movements or get the fuck out!

2. When did you first start DJ'ing, what really inspired you??
I first started because I heard other DJ's mixes and I felt that I should go out and make my own to be honest. I listened to alot of Whoo Kid, Kay Slay, Clue, you know; the originals!

3. You work closely with Jimmie Hoffa, how did that connection get made??
Basically Hoffa, was originally with another DJ that works with Soulja Boy's label and G-Unit, I found Hoffa through him, but I guess shit went sour in there relationship, and he left dude. Then I started working with him, It really just built from there!
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4. Do you have any mixtapes or albums out now?? If not when can we expect something to drop??
Honestly as I speak, I am working on putting something together rite now. I'm working on starting a new series. This will be my first mixtape in about 5 or 6 months; I been gone from the mixtape game for awhile and the game's been quiet and dead. In my opinion all these stores getting raided and DJ's going in on charges. Shits bogus, like my man Chew of said, the mixtape game in 2009 is labels & artists giving the music to the DJ's, DJ's play the song on their mixtape, mixtape goes for sale, then industry watchdogs & RIAA search the internet to take down those mixtapes; the game is fucked up right now!

5. Being that we linked up thru the blog system, do you think that the internet is a huge part of the game? Or that its just another aspect to the game??
Yeah I think the internet is a huge thing. Some people say it hurts the game by DJ's loosing money because their mixtapes will leak and what not. But honestly, I like when my mixtapes leak, I like to hear the feedback from the internet. Also I have 2 artists I promote (Jimmie Hoffa & Truth), and I mainly do that through promoting on net, So to me the internet plays a huge role in my grind!

6. What other artists besides Jimmie have you worked with?? Who do you want to work with??
Besides Jimmie, I just work with another dude out in the Houston area, his name is Truth; he is about to be a problem. The label's are definitly hitting him up so look for him to be sigining somewhere by the end of the summer or mid fall. Who I'd like to work with, to be honest, anyone that fucks wit my movment, or feels what I'm doing. As long as they fucks with me, I'm gonna fuck with them, It's as simple as that!
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7. Other than DJing what do you do best??
Nothing haha, Music is basically my life, Even If I don't have material out, I'm always working on something, But maybe partying haha, if you can be good at that, I'm a hit at all the partys, HAHA

8. As I can see in the pics you are, but where do you want to take this career, or where do you think it can bring you??
I really would like to get into radio, once I get outta High School. Or possibly sign to a major (label) and drop an album; I got some good Idea's for an album, If I ever get to drop one!

9. I know artists dont like to answer nor hear this question, but for the past 5-10 years artists, producers, DJs and the fans have been saying that hip hop is dead or is dying. Whats your take on that??
To be completly honest, I thought Hip-Hop was dying for a few years, with all that snap music and shit, but I feel like this year & last year it's starting to come back with people dropping that good Hip-Hop music like Slaugtherhouse, Raekwon, Method Man & Redman, Jay-Z, Eminem, Jadakiss, Nas. You know I think there all putting out quality music put Hip-Hop back on the map!
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10. Thanks again for doin this interview man, you got any last words or shoutouts??
No problem man, It was an honor! I wanna shout out my artist's Jimmie Hoffa & Truth, some of my homies Joey, Max, Zak, Paco, Jake, Ikerd, Kotty! Shout out to my family, TooKnown's WellKnowns, and can't forget the fans! ONE!!!!


Anonymous said...

DJ Capcom, homie is on the grind....check the other biggest thing in the West Michigan area "The Dope Boyz"

Small cameras said...

DJ CapCpm is right- but isn't it ironic: That the reason hip hop is getting good again is because of the older cats coming back, like Raekwon and Nas.

Makes me smile : )

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