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Jimmie Hoffa Interview + [2 EXCLUSIVE TRACKS]

**TooKnown's Interview of the Day**

This is one of the realest dudes in the game right now. I had to do a interview with him, I normally dont say much, I let the artists speak for themselves but for this one, I got to. I got two exclusive Jimmie Hoffa joints and they should DEFFFFF not be slept on, so peep them after the interview...YAE!!!!

(TooKnown)1. Whats good my dude, thanks again for doing this interview, but for the people who aint familiar, let em know who you are and where you represent.
(Jimmie Hoffa)I'm Jimmie Hoffa a Massachusetts based artist thats burning up the internet right now and i'm the TRUTH!!

2. How did you get in the game?? What were some of your influences??
I was born into hip hop so thats my culture but as far as the music I started really writing in the marines at work or in the field and then I met alot of people in different cities and countries and continued to hone in my i'm on mixtapes everywhere and people should know about ME!! My influences are too many too name....but to give you a basic format...Jay-Z, Run DMC, Whodini, Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, Biggie , 2 Pac, Led Zepplin, Marvin Gaye, Nas, you get the picture I assume!
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3. Has anyone ever said to you that you sound like someone?? Or do you feel that you are your own sound??
Years ago someone at a mall said I sounded like Juelz Santana...but I think I have made my own voice now....I write about my life only so I cant sound like another man!

4. Hip-Hop beef is a part of a lot of artists fame in the game right now, do you think that starting a beef is the right way to get to the top?? What would you do if you were the subject to beef??
Beef is a misconstrued word...the battle has existed in hiphop since the beginning...and I have supreme confidence in my lyrical if I aint feeling someone or something they do, I dont hold my tounge...cuz the games hurting right now ...alot of fake shit fam! As far as real beef I have been down that I dont mind any level it escalates too...I dont have anything else to live whatever it takes..Im there!

5. I know we (TKWK) support you and DJ Capcom heavy, do you think that now more than ever the internet is a huge part of where the artists "buzz" comes from??
Yeah see I'm from Murder Ma$$ and its not a bustling music industry like NYC or ATL so the internet is a huge part of my grind and its amazing for networking and reaching out to other states and countries...but it can also hurt some dudes....the funny guys with loose lips twitter is murder!!! lol!
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6. If you could have that one feature free of charge, who would you choose??
Probably Alicia Keys or Patti Labelle ...everyone else I want is dead!!

7. You keep puttin out track after track, do you got a mixtape coming soon?? Or the single game is where its at??
I have 3 or 4 mixtapes out now if people google me I got like 48 pages worth of material on the internet....over 200 songs floating around...and me and Cap (DJ Capcom) and the team just pump out songs...cuz somebody gotta hear the fucking talent over here thats in a posistion of power!

8. Have you ever done any shows in your local area or anywhere else?? If you havent where would you like to??
I have done shows but i stopped about two years ago...thats where people go wrong...performing at a shit hole where people are there to get bent and dont know any of your words?? Biggie said "I would rather wait and rock a show where the people came to see ME."
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9. What kind of example are you trying to set for your fans and the industry??
To both the fans and the industry, especially the young ones, if your a gas attendant in real life be it in your rymes...nothing wrong with it....I hate the murders me to see the game lost like i'm truthful and real and want to show people its ok to be yourself...and hopefully that will weed out all the people that dont deserve to be here.

10. I know artists dont like to answer nor hear this question, but for the past 5-10 years rappers, producers and the fans have been saying that hip hop is dead or is dying. Whats your take on that??
Hip Hop is a way of life not just a music and it will never die...its just at a shitty point right now...and alot of it has to do with the execs and the majors running the industry and part of it has to do with new artists conforming and cookie cutter songs with no real emotion or hip hop aint dying...but some people in hip hop should be dead!!

11. Thanks one more for doin this interview, but do you got any last words or shoutouts??
Shout out to everyone supporting me, Cap, P, Digi Rap, all the blog site and .coms. Of course TKWK (TooKnown's WellKnowns). R.I.P. Moms, Nana, Papa, Auntie, Tammy, Juan, Plip Plip, Dutch, Jason, Mike and everyone else I your books to everyone in the bing...MURDA MA$$ all day!! ..ITS JIIIIIIMMMMIIIEEEE HOFFA!!
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Jimmie Hoffa - Blue Lasers [Hot Fiya]

Jimmie Hoffa - Derek & Ricky [Fire]

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