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Corey Jarell Interview

**TooKnown's Interview of the Day**

Recently listened to a couple of dudes songs and dug what I was hearing. So I asked if we could get a lil into his life and whats goin on with him and how the industry is treatin him. No more intro needed, so heres the interview...PEEP & ENJOY!!!!!!

(TooKnown) 1. Whats up my dude, thanks for takin time out to do this interview with me. Let everyone out there know who you are and where you represent.
(Corey Jarell) Hey Whats up man, it’s a pleasure. Well I’m from Hartford, Connecticut. Move to Columbus ohio a few years back and the rest is history lol.

2. How did you get in the whole Pop/R&B/Rock game??
Good question…lol..sike naw….in early 2000 I expressed that I was interested in pursuing music as a career but never really acted on it till about 4 years ago and ever since then man I just been going hard….
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3. With all the varieties of music in this industry right now, where do you get your influences from??
Well as you know I sing Pop/Rock and I play the bass and lead guitar so I’m a natural born rock n’ roller….but man I pretty much listen to all kinds of music and learn and study from anything I hear weather its classical or even country….i can hear a melody from a country song and kinda twist it up and use it in one of my songs… my influences come from everywhere…..

4. Do you got any singles or albums out at the moment?? If not whats your most recent??
At the moment I have nothing out but I’m working on my album right now with two-time Grammy winning producer Deezle. He Produced Lollipop and Mrs. Officer for Lil Wayne… I’m signed to his label Drumajor Music shouts out to them…...the project is gonna be dope it’s also gonna feat. A few other great producers and major artist……so be on the lookout for that. very excited about this project….

5. Since you have doing your thing for a while now, do you think the game has changed a lot?? For the better or worse?? Would you place actual vocals over autotune??
I think the game is changing a lot. I wouldn’t say its changing for the worst I just think music is evolving just like anything else its just taking different directions which isn’t bad to me…..i mean people see me and expect me to be this R&B dude but I I’m a pop/rock singer so I mean its just going in a different direction from how it was back then….and as far as actual vocals I mean I would love to hear an artist sing flawless in person or in concert but auto-tune is a plug-in that is good to have and use when used properly like it was really used for…..some artist just use it in different ways so I mean its works for artist like t-pain, wayne, and kanye and etc. so I mean its all artistry its part of music becoming diff. like pharrell said, there’s nothing wrong with being different so….you gotta love what you do as an artist and I admit there’s some people that I know that don’t agree with me doing this genre of music but for the fans that love it and support me thanks….
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6. Out of all the R&B and Rap artists out there, you had to pick one to make your one hit single that would blast you on the scene, who would that be??
Aw man this is a hard one man because there are so many artist I would love to do songs with but as far as singers go I would love to do a song with Lady Gaga or The Jonas Brothers and Beyonce……and as for rap since I live in Columbus , Ohio I would have to do one with bow wow but other him I have a couple I would choose Kanye, Drake, Flo-Rida and I wanna do a rock joint with Jeezy I know he could kill it idk if he’s done that before but yo jeezy if you see this I wanna do a joint with you…..

7. People have said that the word Swag is dead, and Im glad. But in that sense do you have what it takes fashionably?? For example when you walk in the club, do women stop and stare??
Do they stop and stare? Do I have swag? Lol…..i’m from the east coast so if you not on ya fashion tip then something is wrong lol…but I mean I get stares sometimes or I even get approached. But as far as fashion goes I love clothes shoes and thing that has to do with me lookin good then I love it….all smiles lol…..

8. Speaking of the club, have you ever performed in a club or lounge?? If not where would you want to perform??
Yes I have performed at a club. My manager actually owns a club here in Columbus so I’ve done a couple shows there. I would love to visit some clubs in L.A. though and Las Vegas…..
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9. I know the studio is a huge part of the music because if the engineer doesnt know your right area the song might not come out right. Where do you record at?? Where would you like to record at??
Well i mostly record out of New York and Atlanta….but I would love to record in miami I heard great things about a couple studios down there so I would love to go there and record some hits and of course L.A.

10. For the past 5-10 years rappers, producers and the fans have been saying that hip hop is dead. Whats your take on that??
Yeah so I’ve heard lol….well I don’t think it’s dead like I metion before I just think its changing and nothing is wrong with change at least I don’t think so….i mean I feel rappers out there are still making good music so I mean its 2009 it’s a new wave of music new sound……nothing wrong with that as long as the rappers know there history and where it all started and came from then I’m all for it…

11. Thanks once again my dude for doin this interview, cant wait to keep gettin your new ish and I bet the people cant either. But do you got any last words or shoutouts??
Man its been a pleasure doin this interview I appreciate it …yeah I wanna give a shoutout to the fans man…I recently won the Chris Stokes I Wanna Be A Star completion a couple months back and I just wanna thank everyone who voted for me…… to everyone in the C.O. Columbus, Ohio stand up you got another one……my manager Sheridan “The Don” for all his hardwork and believing in me its gonna be a great journey and Deezle and the whole Drumajor Family and the Jive family……and everyone back in my hometown Hartford , CT we here yaw…..and my writing team The Fiew yessir…..I am The New Pop/Rock.
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Lexi-Yvonne said...

WHOOO Corey J!!
He's the BEST!

Anonymous said...

i love you cousin you are the best!!!!!!another one from the are truly blessed!!!!never forget where your gift came from.always keep God first!!!!!