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Streetz N Young Deuces (SNYD) Interview

**TooKnown's Interview of the Day**

Started hearin bout these dudes thru my good friend BFochs, and started to vibe to their ish. Dugg it, so after the greatness of Twitter and a simple question, we got this interview poppin off. They dont need no more of an intro so peep this INTERVIEW and cop the track and the mixtape at the bottem. COP EM!..YAE!!!!!

(TooKnown)1. What it is yall? Good looks for takin time out ur busy schedule to do this interview with me. I mean I dont know who doesnt know who yall are, but tell the people who yall are and where yall represent..
(Streetz) Well I am Streetz of Streetz -n- Young Deuces aka SNYD. We are from Milwaukee but we rep the Midwest as a whole!!! We are the next big thing in hip-hop!
(Young Deuces) I'm that one dude from Milwaukee, who reps the midwest soooooo tough, lol I really don't have a name but ppl call me Young Deuces so I'll stick w/

2. How did yall get into the whole rap game??
(YD) By birth...we was born into hip-hop way back in 1986 it was a great but really we was brought right into hip-hop. My pops was a local, respected, Emcee & Dj so I saw the album process first hand ya know!!!
(S) Yea I mean we have been rapping for a long time as kids and we started taking it serious when we got in high school and thats when we formed SNYD as a group. We went hard on the net and we got on the move and started grindin globally!

3. Why decide to be a duo instead of independent artists??
(S) Well we choose to be a duo because its not really 2 many out there and together we compliment each other and our music together showcases that at a high level.
(YD) Yea It just make the movement stronger really!!! I mean you got 2 cats who can write, spit, has charisma, has serious swa.... wait I forgot its the official death of that word, lol we have crazy FLAVOR, and we just have fun....I mean its natural so alone we're strong but together its stronger.
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4. Haha I feel you on that. Have you guys ever been compared to any other rap duo either in the game right now or past??
(YD) We heard em all Mef & Red, Outkast, Young Guns...just recently I heard UGK (R.I.P. Pimp C) , We appreciate it all but we're just, SNYD, we have such a diverse style that we make our own movement...but the thing is all the groups we're compared to are ill groups, groups who is well respected so that's a sign to me.
(S) Yea I've also heard The Clipse and UGK which im very flattered by, but you know we build our brand on being orginal and creating our own thing

5. What would you say your style of rapping is, what influences that style??
(S) I really cant answer that myself I just know we have our own sound but no name for it yet lol.
(YD) I got the name..... WACK!!! Lol nah I'm fuckin around....our style is pure Midwest I mean we some of everything w/us....theirs not one beat that we don't comfortably rock on....we do it all we go a lil chicago in us, a lil Detroit, a lil Gary, a whole lot of Milwaukee ya know just a diverse style...oh and that whole last part deserves a huge....PAUSE!!! Haha

6. I know you guys stay havin crazy music but do you guys have any music videos coming soon?? I got you if yall come to FL loll.
(YD) SNYD T.V. ( should be bookmarked on ya computer but an official video will come soon for this one song this crazy ass banger that goes hard in the strip clubs called "Shawty So Strapped."
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7. I see you guys got a huge drop for the mixtape and its gettin mad hype, other than your mixtape droping REEAL soon, what other projects are lined up??
(YD) At this point its so much we're about to dude its hard to say....we working on Projects w/a lot of People...All Out All Stars, Team Invasion Midwest, more w/The Aphilliates so just stay tuned and keep ya ears open!!!
(S)Also we're doing a lot of writing, so pay attention to that because we're feeding a lot of GEM's to these cats out here...some of your favorite artist's too.

8. I see you worked with Eliseo of Treal, but who else have yall worked with, or want to?
(YD) We've worked a lot w/ our southern fam Yung Texxus & Spark Dawg, we're workin on something Monsterous w/the homie Phoenix Jones (look out for that), shout out to the homie Jeff Johnson our Kentucky brother from another Mother, basically we're tryna work w/Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY!!!

9. How did both of yall come up with or recieve your names??
(S) Well my name is where i learned the most important things in my life. Were SNYD.
(YD) My name has no meaning...I just thought it sound fly lol.
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10. For the past 5-10 years rappers, producers and the fans have been saying that hip hop is dead. Whats your take on that??
(S) Its not dead, just at a period where certain things dont matter at the moment. You know fans go for the new things in music it was a point where everyone was doing the same thing. I think hiph-op right now is looking for something new, its not dead its a stand still i would say.
(YD) Its not dead, its very well alive and kickin...hip-hop isn't just a sound its a style its a movement its a coulture so for hip-hop to be dead their would have to be no more influences, no more affect on the style and way of things, no more lives being changed by it...yet today in 2 double 0-9 that happens all the just because the sound your familiar w/isn't popular by the masses doesn't mean its dead...just means it evolved to somethin new!!!

11. Thanks once again both of yall for doin this interview, last but not least you got any last words or shoutouts??
(YD) Shout out to the whole Midwest, for riding w/us tough and our whole fan base...we love y'all...and the corporate ppl behind us... our management Black Fred & Gizerelli "G.P.", Max Clayman (Missing Link Music) , Troi Dickey (Troi Media Group), Mike Fransz (Crunk Energy Drink), Dj Aspekt (All Out All Stars), Watsman (The Bakery), Mister Marlon (2520Nyc Clothing) and everybody w/the movement and all our Bloggers who fucks w/us BFochs what up!!! Sermon what it do!!! TooKnown thanks my manz!!!
(S) And get your free copy of "Straight Drop Muzik" HERE
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Streetz N Young Deuces feat. Eliseo of Treal - Shawty So Strapped [Hot Fiya]

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