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Interview w/ Kayo Alcatraz

**TooKnown's Interview of the Day**

First seen this guy cuz of fam BFochs, but Kayo hit me up, so we got ish poppin. We got leaks and leaks and more leaks but for now we got a interview with that dude, Kayo Alcatraz. Dudes legit as fuck and goes hard on everything I have heard sofar. Be on the look out for him and deff peep this!!!!

(TooKnown)1.What it is fam, thanks for hittin me up to do this interview, you a raw artists but let the people know who you are and where you represent??
(Kayo Alcatraz)This is yo man, Kayo Alcatraz from Cleveland Ohio, east 116th & Dove to be exact. Black Money Records in Full Effect. Mid-West Representer live in the Flesh.

2. Who or what inspired you to be a rapper & How long have you been a rapper??
I started writing in the seveneth grade I was challenged by this guy named Charles Reed we’re good friends he sings now but yeah so we in class and he says I bet I can write a better rap than you then we both wrote our raps before that I was just writing poems to deal with my personal situations. A few people who inspired me to rap were Busta Rhymes, Bone Thugs, Mystikal, Method Man, Nas, AZ and Tupac just to name a few but I didn’t rap because I wanted to be like them really I was just impressed by them and I want to impress people how these artists impressed me.
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3. What would you say your style of rapping is??
Truthfully I do whatever I feel like when I feel like it you’d have to ask a fan of my music what my rapping style is but I’d like to know maybe we can do a survey on your blog site or something and the winner will get a song dedicated to them….lol. My style is really unorthodox but the best way to describe it its versatile and entertaining. But I get lyrical on some songs man I just do what I feel like. The problem is everybody’s a rapper…lol if you compared ten artists to me you’re list of ten would be cut to two….bet that

4. Do you have any singles or mixtapes out at the moment??
Singles no I just leak songs on the internet to keep buzzing ya know. I’ma Boss, Made in the Game, Link Up and Fascinated are doing very good though I’m happy with the responses to those songs. Mixtapes yeah The Way I See It Vol.1 is available on or off my myspace page

5. If you could make the best collabo, of course including yourself, who would it be on the track??
I’d do a track with Kid Cudi, Myself & Drastic. Cudi would be on the hook and me and Dras would go the verses. The point is to give the world something rare and we are that. I mean come on its time for em to recognize what we doing in Cleveland feel me? Shit Google me feel me people act like if Gucci or Wayne not on yo record they not gonna listen to it. I feel that a lot of rappers is worthless but aye if that’s how you feel cut them short. I’m not trippin though Kayo Alcatraz nuff said
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6. How did you come up with or recieve your name??
Kayo is the name I had since freshman year of high school. Looking for something cool ya know but Alcatraz symbolizes the part of me that wrote poems from the age of twelve because I felt like no one understood what I was going through or how was feeling. It felt like jail all I did was write. From then til now I’ve been a loner on my journey through life. Back then I experienced a lot of solitude ya know just being me. Eventually speading enough time writing you become able to convey different messages and that’s where the lyrical ability kicked in. So yeah Kayo Alcatraz that’s the Story

7. Being that your well known already, who have you worked with, or wish to work with, not for that amazing single, but just to get a chance to work with them.
I have worked with JP, Phatty Banks, Bam Bam, A Gully, Drastic, Proph The Problem, Yung Zup, Jae B, Russ, Prove Gotti, H-Rob, Layzie Bone, Certified Hustlers, Outta Control and Maul Tsunami. I don’t really care about working with anyone I mean if it happens it happens I’m not geeked about working with anyone really except Ghostface Killah I’d pretty much kill for a track with him ….lolj/k

8. Whats a little piece of advise for all the underground artists in the hustle??
Stop being stupid. How do you stop being stupid well its 2009 if everything you know about making it in the music business is T.V. and radio you’re stupid. Follow your own heart and mind. Someone gon say something like Kayo you not on how can you give us advice……Simple I’m controlling my destiny. Don’t be another one of these rappers making bullshit records paying $200,$300,or more to these promoters that don’t give a $!*t about you or yo music it’ll suck the love and life right out of your work. Best advice I have is get you a crew that you can trust and that won’t yes everything you say or do and get to work hold everyone responsible for a task and you will be somewhat successful. Also keep it mind the music industry isn’t what it use to be independent is the way to go now.
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9. Being that I do music videos and shit do you have any music videos out?? When can we expect some to come??
Make me a video homie! My boy made one for Chevrolet music but aye I’m trying to see what you can do with the video homie.

10. Lets do it you know Im down. LETS GO! But for the past 5-10 years rappers, producers and the fans have been saying that hip hop is dead. Whats your take on that??
Everything dies people either move on or bring it back to life I mean look at how people dress?!?! High Tops, Skinny jeans, big gold chains and why? To bring back the style that was dead. Right? Its no different with hip hop all they are saying is music as they know it is dead. The Golden Age of hip hop is dead when artists could be silly or funny and still be saying something to the listener. Funny doesn’t mean stupid. Now music is different I think thas’s pretty obvious. Can it be brought back maybe I dunno. Things come and go us as artists have to do the best with the attention and time we have and the listeners have to hold on to what they love and appreciate.

11. Thanks again fam for doin this interview but you got any last words or shoutouts??
Drastic, Proph, Yung Zup, Corey Bapes, Nika, Black Money, Sherrirocks, Huston, Razor Blade, Bfochs, DJ DVS, Prove Gotti, Maja League ENT. Bam Bam, Me Phi Us ENT, Boss Politiks, H-Rob, Maul Tsunami, Rebel Army Radio, TooKnowns Wellknowns, and my facebook, twitter and myspace friends…….ITS KAYO BABY!
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