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Yung Stet of DreamTeam Interview....

**TooKnown's Interview of the Day**

Got the chance to sit down with one of the members of the group DreamTeam, signed by Lil Flip. The DreamTeam consists of Young Stet and Ages "The Great". Interview with Ages coming REAL soon. But I am just trying to get more advice for these underground artists, well from already well established artists themselves so...peep and ENJOY!!!

(TooKnown) 1. What it do fam! Thanks one more for doing this interview, from the DreamTeam of course, but let em know who you are, even tho I bet they already know, plus where you represent..
(Yung Stet) No problem its all love. Im Yung Stet, Im 20 and Im in the rap group "DreamTeam" which is under the Clover G Records label. Which is Lil Flip's label & I rep Rockford, Illinois 815 Midwest stand up!!!!!

2. When did you first start rapping and what influenced you??
Ive been rappin for fun & doin talent shows since I was like 11 or 12 but I got real serious with the music when I turned 15. Umm as far as influences are concerned of course 2pac was the main one, even though our music isnt the same style he still made me want to rap because he was so great. But mainly growing up, listenin & watchin Bow Wow, he would have to be my main influence since were soo similar & the same age. I get compared to him everyday!!!
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3. Thats funny, you said you are signed to Clover G, how did you even meet Lil Flip??
I meet Flip through his Manager/DJ Golden Child & he was really feelin our music & our style, so he introduced us to Flip & he felt the same, & now the rest is

4. How long have you and Ages "The Great" been the DreamTeam??
I came up with the "DreamTeam" imprint back in 2005 & it came from the original basketball DreamTeam. The reason was because the DreamTeam were the best, the best at what they did & no one was better than them. They made history and everyone knows them!! You know where im goin with this right??

5. Yea I got it...loll. What are some of the benefits of being a duo instead of individual artists??
The creativity aspect is way bigger. You got 2 minds instead of one & it makes the appearance better to the general audience. There hasnt been a real duo since Kriss Kross so were gonna pick up where they left off but 10x better!! disrespect to KK!

6. Other than Lil Flip, who have DreamTeam worked with and who yall wanna work with??
We've worked with Lil Twist & Gudda Gudda from Young Money. Chamillionaire & Essay Potna from Clover Geez. Brian Angel from Day 26, & Pleasure P. But as far as who we wanna work with goes Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, Wayne, Drake, Luda, 50 Cent..I mean I could go on all day naming the "Greats" I want to work with. Everybody..Im just that diverse that I could actually do it & pull it off.
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7. Do you guys got any new singles or mixtapes out at the moment?? Or any new projects coming soon??
YEA MAN!!!! We released our street buzz single featuring Lil Flip called "That'z Wat It Iz" last year & that had a great welcome. But now its time for something for the ladies. This is gonna be the big one. Our 2nd single called "My Boo" featuring Lil Twist of Young Money & Essay Potna of Clover Geez and its gonna be everywhere this summer, radio & all! Oh & be on the look out for our 2nd mixtape "Fly As We Wanna Be Vol.2" coming this summer too. The 1st Volume did 28k digital downloads online.

8. Do you like all the fame and attention, I mean after signing to Clover G's and all??
Yea I cant complian, it is nice that people know who we are!

9. If there was one piece of advice you could give to the upcoming rapper, what would it be??
I hate answering this question because people always say "Every artist says that" but my advice is to never let anyone tell you you cant do something. If you want it & want it bad enough nothing can hold you back. Also just stay focused & perfect your craft because everybody wants to be a rapper & only a few make it! Stay dedicated!
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10. For the past 5-10 years rappers, producers and the fans have been saying that hip hop is dead. Whats your take on that??
HIP-HOP IS NOT DEAD!!!!!! I hate that term. Hip-hop has just evolved into something new. Imagine if it stayed the same since the 70's & 80's?? It would be wack nowadays because its not relevant! I mean I respect all the different types of hip-hop & thats just it, different types!! If you dont evolve or stay with the times you wont be successful...period!

11. I feel you on that too, but you got any last words or shoutouts??
Shout out 2 the entire DreamTeam Entertainment Brand, My big brother/ other half of DreamTeam: Ages "The Great" My manager GC aka Godlen Child, Lil Flip, my city Rockford, Illinois 815 stand up!!! Big shout out to any one who supports us..including TooKnown's WellKnowns, we love yall!!! 09 is ours, buhlee dat!!!!!

12. Thanks once again for doin this interview man, and we cant wait to hear ya new shit.
-My pleasure, its all love!

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White Tee feat Yung Stet - Im On Fire (Hot Tamale) [Hot Fiya]

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