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White Tee Interview...

**TooKnown's Interview of the Day**

Got the chance to do a lil interview with S.O.D. Money Gang member, White Tee. Dudes real legit. Single is hott, and can't wait for the mixtape with that dude DJ Woogie, but on the real dude doesnt need any more introduction...CHECK THE INTERVIEW!!!!!

(TooKnown)1. First off like to say thanks for takin time to do this interview with me. I know the people know who you are but go head tell em what you represent??
(White Tee)The name is White Tee, my bro Soulja Boy Tell'Em gave me the name and I'm S.O.D. Money Gang!

2. I remember reading when you got in, but how exactly did you link up with Soulja Boy and S.O.D. Money Gang??
Ended up doing work with him online through YouTube and Myspace, then we got connected through Yums even further and it was game over after that.

3. I see you have been traveling a lot with Soulja while he travels to do shows here and there. How has your life changed since joining S.O.D. Money Gang??
People recognizing me and stuff like that, gotten to experience a lot of things most people my age dream of doing but never get to.
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4. You have a new song out, with the homie Lil Chuckee, called Walk With a Limp, how did that song come about??
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Really me and Chuckee were talkin about doing some tracks for the mixtape and he shot it over and it was a done deal we made a hit!

5. Do you have any new projects or mixtapes coming up??
Got my S.O.D. Money Gang mixtape coming out hosted by DJ Woogie supposed to drop this month if everything goes right, got a lot of features like the whole S.O.D. crew, Sean Kingston, Lil Chuckee and Lil Twist of Young Money, Hot Stylz, Lil Wil and more!! It's called "S.O.D.M.G. Presents - Hanes 'White Tee' - Tha Mixtape."

6. How did you come up with, or receive the name White Tee??
We were at Soulja Boy's house one night makin a video for YouTube and Soulja Boy called me that a couple of times in the video and it stuck ever since.
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7. Before linking up with Soulja, what were you doin?? What music did you have out??
Got my start lyrically with Soulja Boy, but I was producing before that.

8. How does you music now-a-days compare to before you linked up??
Definitely upgraded, getting to work with different artists you learn things from each other and pick up on different things.

9. Being that whenever Im at a show Im filming, and you, you get to see everything up close and personal. How is that experience with Soulja, and other Major artists??
Its crazy watchin the fans just go nuts, and hearing them scream back every word to the songs is crazy.
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10. Speaking of up new projects; You know lots of famous people by now, theres no doubt about it, but who do you really want to work with, that you havent already??
Definitely want to work with Justin Timberlake this year, always looked up to the dude, he makes solid music and is very talented.

11. See my blog is all about the underground hustle, but at the same time supports mainstream. What is some advice you would give to the up and coming artist??
Just grind hard and don't stop. I once heard someone say this, "Don't take no for an answer from someone who cant tell you yes, if they can't tell you yes then find someone who can."

12. One last question Im gunna start doing for all my interviews, For the past 5-10 years rappers have been saying "Hip Hop is dead." What is your take on that??
If Hip Hop was dead we wouldn't be having this interview right now, LOL

13. Very tru, but thanks again for doin this interview with me and hopefully one day well link up when yall down here, well do a video or something..good looks fam.
Sounds good bro, shout outs to everyone at TooKnown's Wellknowns!!! Peace, stacks on deck!!!
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