Tuesday, January 27

TopKnotch - Interview

TooKnown's Interview of the Day

Got a chance to finally meet dude at the "Posted On the Corner" Video Shoot. We got to talkin and we got some shit under the fence but we cant go into much detail. As far as the interview goes....its raw as always...PEEP!!!!!

(TooKnown)1. So for the people who don't know let's give em a lil intro bout yourself, who u are where you represent??
(TopKnotch)TopKnotch A.K.A. "FLYEST THING WALKING"...smell me?!  I'm a versatile lyricist ready to take over the globe.  Representin that 612 a.k.a Murdapolis a.k.a Minneapolis, MN.  But you know I gotta show south Florida love too smell me!

2. Out of all the nicknames why TopKnotch??
Because everything about me is "TOPKNOTCH" and I only deal with "TOPKNOTCH" quality people/places/things!

3. Got any new singles or mixtapes out??
Right now I am working on my third mixtape "The Time is Now" vol. III.  and of course there are some other singles/songs in the works too.
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4. I know you record at DaeDor, how log have you been recording there?? Have you recorded in any other studios??
I've been with DaeDor for about 2 1/2 years.  I've recorded elsewhere, but no where with the same quality as DaeDor.

5. Swag is a word thrown around by a bunch of artists. Would you say you have swag?? And who should stop saying they got swag??
All day long!  Anybody can come into a same location as me and feel my swag from a mile away!!  As far as who should stop saying they got swag?  That ain't even in my train of thoughts smell me?! If you know you got swag, it'll show, you won't have to say a damn thing!

6. Who do you look up to in the game right now??
Right now I would say Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, and T.I.

7. If you could have that artist on a track what do you think the sound would be?? Like club banga, gutta, straigt lyrics??
The sound would be all of the above.
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8. Other than the singles you said, what other projects you got lined up for '09??
I am currently working with a couple DJ's here and major exposure all over the globe, shows, more mixtapes coming out on monthly basis, etc.

9. You part of LionHead. Wanna give the people a lil info on that??
Not only am I part of LionHead...I am the creator, the originator, the founder of LionHead Family.  It's basically my label, logo, what I'm consists of very talented people making a movement out here.  "GET WITH IT OR GET FROM IT"!!!

10. Any last words or shoutouts??
 Yeah I want to give much love to my niggas back up top, ya'll know who ya'll are I ain't forgot about ya....., shout out to my homies GC, Beatoe, Tony, Danny, the whole DaeDor/Grindhouse crew, DJ Purfiya, Dee Jay from Germany and European Dominations and any and everybody who affiliated with the LIONHEAD FAMILY!  This is OUR year, let's get it!!!!!
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Bonus Tracks
TopKnotch - Gossip

TopKnotch - Keep Your Eyes Basketball Size [Fire]

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