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Polo - Interview

TooKnown's Interview of the Day

Its takes a big chain of events sometimes to get shit poppin off..but its gets done and poppin'. I got this new affiliated artist that comes from the same side of the country as Slicc Ronson and Torrey-Tee. Be on the look out for this dude. He as well they will be sending me more and more shit for yall to dont GO FARR!!!!!

(TooKnown)1. First off, let's start out with lettin the people know who u are and where ur from??
(Polo)Fa starters, the real name is Napolean Thurman. I got the name Polo from my patna in grade skoo who stated, "Polo is shorter and betta den Napolean." I laughed and ended up running with it! I was born and raised on the Northside of da Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Some say the home of da Gzz and Vicelords. Growing up in the streets of a place called murda mill helped me see wat people really meant by wen dey stated, "ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE!"..It's like a jungle in the city!

2. How did u become a rapper?? Or what influenced you??
Music was like a plan B. I watched and learned from my brother Q going hard in the paint with a flow that is crazy. I would say he was my inspiration. After spittin on a computer to a beat with my brother Q, I decided to take it to another level. My music inspired none other than family first. What ever piece I had finished, the family was first to hear. And taking it to another level is still being erupted. People from all across da map hit me saying how much dey like my music..It feels good to know that I could relate to people throughout different cities and states.

3. Who do you compare yourself most too??
I compare mysef to none otha then mysef!..I dont want to be viewed and compared as someone when I'm a trendsetta...I like to go my own ways..And niggas who know me.. KNOW!
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4. Got any new singles out?? Or mixtapes??
The singles I have flaming the air ways now are; I Do My Thang produced by Torrey T and Get Wit It produced by Trakmatik. I have dropped project after project. And still says, "There's more to come." The latest project from me is called Defined A C4. With tracks produced by Trakmatik, Mr. Cutlass, and none otha den my producer Torrey T. Ripping the mixtape seen will soon be noticed by people all over even the major labels, it's just a matter of time. In the middle of 2009, you should be expecting the next project entitled, "Man in the Mirror."

5. What MCs you mess with out on the West Coast?? What bout the whole country??
There are a bunch of MCs I mess wit it!! Too many to say to be perferctly honest wit you. That goes to say throught out the country also.

6. If you could have one HUGE feat. on your next big single who would it be??
Gunz...Corey Gunz, hands down!!

7. How did you come up with your name??
I didnt come up wit a name on da spot like most dese dudes do! It was gave to me, but by me being in the streets doing my thang from playing ball to selling Cds helped the name erupt bigger than what it was. 
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8. Is there any BEEF round your parts??
Not at all

9. What's your next big move??
My next big move is to flame the streets a DVD hosted by me! The DVD is titled, Spazz Out Vol.1. Wit a bunch of big names apart of it! It's gone be something serious. While that is in the process, I'll be going on the "IM THE BOMB" tour wit my team (Full Effect Ent). Going from city to city and from school to school.

10. Any last words or shoutouts??
First I would like to shout out yursef TooKnown and the Manic Productions!! Cuz if it wasnt for you the interview wouldnt have been possible. And I would like to give thanx to the Lord all mighty and my mother. Also my pops who has been gone off this earth for 7 years. Shout out to my team Full Effect Ent (Torrey T, Mackin Mark, YB, and the Mobbstar Ceo..the original SLICC Ronson), Q-DawG, Drama and the Hoodlum Boyz, Young Rhymes and the squad duece fam, Fred Kruger and S.L.A.P Ent. 
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Bonus Tracks

Polo - I Do My Thang [Hot Fiya]

Polo - Dun Dun (Freestyle) [Fire]

Polo - Lil Bussit Baby [Hot Fiya]

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