Thursday, January 8

Larry Lavell - Interview

TooKnown's Interview of the Day

Finally got a chance to sit down with my dude Larry Lavell, comin straight outta Inglewood, CA. Comes real hard. Check back for more leaks in the future. We get it inn!!!!!!!

(TooKnown) 1. First off for the people who don't know, let's tell the people who you are and what state you rep??
(Larry Lavell) My Names Larry Lavell and I rep Inglewood, California...the city of champions.

2. What made you decide to come into this industry??
Well my first initial thing was the fame to be honest. You know the bling, the women, the cars. Hell I saw Bow Wow do it and I said "Why can't I?" But as I started to study the game and actually start doin work, I've gained more of an appreciation for it now, such as working with other artists and producing other peoples tracks. It's a good sensation I get working well with others, that satisfies me right there.
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3. How long you been doing your thing??
I've been rappin since '06 and producing since '07.

4. Got any singles out right now??
Yea be sure to check out my singles Sexy Gurl, Get at Me in the Club & Rollin Like a Coasta - featuring my boy Torrey Tee!

5. Who do you look up too in the rap game as of now??
I completely look up to Jay Rock, The Game, Snoop Dogg & Trey Songz. They all inspire me.

6. If you could have those artists on a track how do you think it would sound?? What about any other features wanted by a mainstream artist??
If I could have those artists on a track with me I will have fulfilled my most wanted desire!
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7. I heard you got a new mixtape coming out. Wanna talk a lil bout it??
Yea I actually have a street album I'm producing and getting production from my other GQP members as well. Its called "Mr. Inglewood is Home." It comes out March 2009 and those singles are on the album. Be sure to cop that!

8. I forgot to did you come up with your name??
Well actually Larry is my last name, and Lavell is actually an acronym that stands for Love Always Varies Everyday Living Life. Thus, Larry Lavell.

9. What do you have planned for the new year??
I plan on doing my album, and getting the rest of my crew running and all of us doing shows. Be on the lookout.

10. Any last words or shoutouts??
First I'd like to shout you out TooKnown, for giving my first interview, it means a lot to me. I'd like to shoutout to the whole GQP crew! Yung Swagg, Killa Sep, C-Dub, Tinnman, The Truth & others who will be on board soon! I'd like to shout my brother and fam bams out and my fans who been with me from day one! We on the come up!
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Bonus Tracks

Larry Lavell - Sexy Gurl [Fire]

Larry Lavell - Get at Me in the Club [Fire]

Larry Lavell feat. Torrey Tee - Rollin Like a Coasta [Hot Fiya]

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