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The Remedy - Interview

TooKnown's Interview of the Day

Dude right here is sick with tha flow and comes from that place where u shake them dreads....after the interview peep the tracks below, dude fucks with DJ Unreal, so u know he's legit DONT SLEEP!!!!!

(TooKnown)1. Lets start off by tellin everyone out there who u are and were u come from??
(The Remedy)I'm The Remedy, from Santa Clara, 408, the Bay Area, Cali !!! I rep my turf, I rep that bay all day ya dig?
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2. How long have you been in the rap game??
The passion has been with me since day one, but if you wanna say it professionaly. About 2 years ago. I got a big breaktrhough when I rapped for Mistah F.A.B. over the phone for a segment he used to have
on his radio show.

3. Since u come from the Bay, would u say your style is the same or different than normal Bay artists??
I grew up in the 90's so a lot of my sound is influenced by the Gangsta rap and Mob music we had out here. Some of y'all might be familiar with the Hyphy movement we have as well. With me you get a mix of old bay and new bay. My style is me, but you get the good sounds with me.

4. What's your take on the other artists from the Bay??
They're the ones that paved a way for me and other new artists comin out the Bay. E-40, Too Short, Spice 1, Digital Underground, San Quinn, JT The Bigga FIgga, Big Rich, Bailey, Ya Boy, The Mob Figaz, Clyde Carson, Turf Talk, Mistah F.A.B..... Shit the list goes on haha. But I owe it all to them!

5. I heard you got a new tape comin out. Wanna give a lil info bout that??
Yessir, Wake The Game Up. Hosted & Mixed by my homie DJ UnReal. Its my debut mixtape, and its finna be a hot one! I will show the world why its called what it is! Just be on the lookout for that, droppin real real soon! The features are gonna be local and of course people from Florida yadida!
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6. Do you think Hip Hop is where it should be?? What can you do to help it out??
Thats a good question...... Hip Hop is and will always be around. Ain't nothin gonna change that.
But theres a certain sitiuation in hip hop thats happening. A lot of so called artists are getting
deals for songs that I pretty much think are complete bull shit. (Yes Soulja Boy im talkin about you!) Hip hop will stay alive cuz real people like me will keep doin what we do. Never bow down to that Bubble Gum rap y'all fakes be puttin out! You can quote me on this, all you rappers that just make shit like Crank Dat, etc. should be exterminated! haha.

7. There's been some recent beef with 2 young artists in the game, Soulja Boy and Charles Hamilton. What's your take on that situation??
First of all, shouts out to Hamilton. He's doin his thing. mixtape after mixtape. Soulja Girl needs to quit with all this bullshit he puts out. Dude is trash. I aint just saying this to get some exposure either. You are the gayest rapper out there and Hamilton just put you in your place. You tried to go at Ice-T and others but dude come on! Didn't your ass have a gay sex tape out or some shit? Go crawl back under whatever rock you came out of and leave rap alone!

8. If you could have one MAJOR feat. on your single, who would you choose??
The Game. Ever since the first time I heard him I was hypnotized (No Homo). Dude is just too raw. Ask anyone I know, they'll tell you he's my favorite rapper. Shouts out to Game and the whole Black Wall Street.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years??
Livin my dream, makin hits. Livin in Miami with a fine chica on my arm haha. Workin on an album and givin back to the communities that raised me!
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10. Thanks for doin this interview mann. You got any last words or shoutouts??
Thanks goes to you! But yeah I got a few shout outs!
What up to:
DJ UnReal
My home girl Samantha
Stik Gilatine
2 Left Feet
TooKnown for doin this interview, and everybody out there supportin me and keepin me on my grind!
Hi haters!
Wake The Game Up comin soon!!!

Bonus Tracks

The Remedy feat. 2 Left Feet & The D.B.'z - Hold Yo Stack Up [Hot Fiya]

The Remedy feat. Mugzi & B-Slimm - How I Live [Fire]

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