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Lil Wes - Interview

TooKnown's Interview of the Day

This dudes been all over the video spot for a minute mostly supported by with his 4 videos gettin over a SHITload of views. Dudes also been seen or should I say heard on 102Jamz in Orlando. Dude has crazy flow and sick lyrics...not someone to sleep on. You know I stay on my grind, I hit dude up and got this interview check it and the ill tracks at the bottom!!!!!!

(TooKnown)1. What up bro, thanks for comin to do this interview. Wanna start off with who you are and where u come from??
(Lil Wes)No problem. Well my name is Lil Wes i'm from Palm Beach County Florida. I'm currently residing in Orlando Florida right now.

2. How long you been in the rap game for??
The rap game...basically i've alway been into music. Since I was a baby whenever my mom would take me to a toy store and try to see what kind of toy I would like, for some reason I would always tend to go for something musical. Be it a small set of drums or a mini piano. Even in church they used to have me up on stage with the band just messin around tryna get my chops. But as far as rapping specifically , I started rapping at the age of 8 and just fell in love with it. It came easy to me and I decided that I wanted that to be my career. But as far as any real grinding, I haven't grinded so much in my entire life than I have in the past few months. Moving to Orlando was the best move I could have made career-wise. Most of the Superproducers who make some of your favorite beats are in Orlando.
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3. What artist would you say you look up to most??
Well I respect every artists whether in the game or not who is out there grinding, making good music and giving the fans what they're looking for. But as far as artists I look up to, I would say that I look up to all the greats; Jay Z, Nas, Pac, Biggie, Mase, Weezy, Fabolous, TI, Cassidy umm...I could go on for days but i'm gonna stop there lol.

4. When you told people you wanted to be a rapper, did anyone say you couldn't do it??
Actually I used to freestyle alot and I was in a little rap group when I was younger. It was me, my two brothers and one of my childhood friends. We used to make our own beats, produce our own tracks and pass out cds. We actually got pretty much the entire school behind us but then we started becoming interested in different things and didn't too much focus on music or the possibility of having a career in it.

5. Who do think your flow is most like??
My flow has been compared to that of Fabolous, Mase as well as a few other rappers. Both Fabolous and Mase are two of my favorite rappers so those comparisons are quite an honor. But I guess I would have to say Mase because he is all I used to listen to when I was a young child. I respected the fact that he left music for the lord but there still a part of me that wishes...

6. I saw your vid on and I couldn't stop jamming out to that song. How'd u come up with that idea and get it posted up there??
I've actually got I believe either 3 or 4 videos on there. Well I just make music because that's what I love to do. I actually did not know of prior to them posting my video. Me, my brother and my roomates were playing around at the apartment and we decided that I needed some videos to increase my exposure. The video was recorded on that day and posted up on youtube. I was still thinking of ways to get people to go check out the video on youtube when a friend of mine called me and let me know about the video being on WSHH. When I saw the amount of views I recieved and the amount of comments, I was shocked and was happy that my name was actually buzzing around the world like that.
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7. What kinda artists have you worked with?? Who would you like to work with??
Well I have worked with a few local artists and am currently working with a few that I can't really discuss at this stage. There is a lot of hidden talent in Florida and I believe that within the next year that Florida will be making even more noise than it is now. Not just as far as artists there are also some great producers such as "The Core" who are some of the hottest producers in Palm Beach County.

8. Being that your pretty local, well to me I guess, what studio do you record at?? How long you been there??
Well as of right now I am currently in Orlando working on a few projects. Up here I am recording with a group of producers who I have been working with for a couple of months called the "Spaceboys". You will get to hear some of their work very soon, they are ridiculously talented.

9. Do you have any new projects in the works right now?? Any new singles??
I actually have so much going on right now it's crazy. Unfortunately I can't really speak on everything just know that I am currently working on my mixtape which will be out towards the beginning of next year so be sure to look out for that. At the moment I am also working with a few different producers trying to figure out what single I am going to come out with.

10. Where do you see yourself in...idk...5-10 years??
Wow 5 to 10 (sounds like a prison sentence) that's a long way off. I dont know about all that. Next year I expect to be getting some serious radio play and doing some shows. You guys be on the lookout for me, I have been out here grinding and now my time is coming.

11. Well its been good man..thanks for doin this interview...any last words or shootouts??
Anytime. Well I would like to give a shoutout to my Fly Boy Team (Jay Stylez, Infamous JC & Sony), my family for believing in me, shout out to all my fans, shout out to Street Grindaz, G1, SP, my cousin Sam, The Core and Spaceboys. There alot of people of I missed but I could go on forever and they already know I got them! There are a lot of people that I missed.
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Bonus Tracks

Lil Wes - Bust Your Windows [Hot Fiya]

Lil Wes - Live My Life [Fire]

Lil Wes - Get 'em, Got 'em [Hot Fiya]

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