Tuesday, December 9

Doughboy (adbc) - Interview

TooKnown's Interview of the Day

Been talkin to dude before I knew what he was capable of. I looked at his site and I said to myself...I needa get this dude on my blog. So here we go with a couple of his pics and his linkss. Peep em...SAY WHATS UP!!!!!!

(TooKnown)1. What's up man. Lets start out by tellin people who you are and where you come from??
(Doughboy)They call me Doughboy. Im a young entrepreneur born and raised in Miami. My background is Cuban & Syrian.

2. What's the name of your company?? How did u come up with it, what's it mean??
ADBC [a.doughboy.creation]
I Used to design clothes and one of my first designs I wore to school, and a friend of mine asked me a stupid question. He said "Hey Doughboy, is that one of your creations?" I laughed and said yes and kept it movin. Not thinkin that, that would ultimately be the name i go with..LOL.
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3. How did u get into photography/graphic design??
Well I got my first disposable camera at the age of 12, and have loved taking pictures since then. Graphic design I took up in High School, because that was the closest thing to photography that they were offering..and now look..LOL.

4. Did you create your logo?? How did you come up with it??
Yes, I do all my own artwork. This is actually my second logo. My first was just a simple ADBC in a graffiti style font,that was designed by me. The logo you see now was designed to have a more professional look. But if you look closely my original logo is right under the A.Doughboy.Creation on my shield.

5. I've seen your work all over the web, how would u say your company as a whole is doing now??
Well compared to 3 months ago I'm doin fuckin great..LOL. Still not where I want to be but Im gettin there. Right now tho, I have a steady business coming in and a few projects I goin on that are gonna hit a lot of people by surprise. But imma keep it at that.
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6. Since I run a hip hop blog, music is all around me. What artists have you worked with??
Wow, well Ive worked with and for plenty of artists and groups. Both upcoming and established. If I name them all I will be here all day. But Ive worked with Billy Blue, Rick Ross, Trey Songz, Brisco, Back Pack Clik, Nino Mcfly, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Jim Jones & Shawty LO to name a few.

7. What would u say your style of photography is??
Abstract & Unique. I keep the viewer wanting more.
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8. I know you work with a bunch of models, wanna name a few??
Naw they know who they are..and I wish them the best of luck in whatever they decide to do in life.

9. Where do you see yourself and your company in 5-10 years??
I see myself being an established and well accomplished Designer/Photographer. I tell people all the time I don't want to be famous the lime light is not for me. I want to be comfortable to the point my kids will be good long after Im done. I want to settle down and have a family..ladies Im single and daring..LOL.
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10. Iight mann..its been good thanks for doin this interview you got any last words or shootouts??
Everything I do is creative, Fresh & New!! Get it right and get it in. Cater to haters '09. Shouts out to the world, my Mom, and my future lady. Haters I love you..NO HOMO!

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