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Slicc Ronson - Interview

TooKnown's Interview of the Day

Got a chance to ask this dude with crazy flow out from the other side of the country. Like I said before. I support local artist. Juss because its not local to me dont me anything..ha. Slicc Ronson's that dude!!!!!

(TooKnown)1. What's up man, thanks for doin this interview. Lets start off by tellin everyone who you are and where your from??
(Slicc Ronson)What up, this Slicc Ronson Mobbstar Ent. CEO Full Effect Boss, I represent Dallas, TX by way of Sacramento, CA.

2. How long have you been in this game?? How did u get here??
Man, I think I started writing in like '93. I started spitting in like '97 so I'll say 12 years. I started recording hard in 2000. Im 26 now, I always been a fan of music. Hip Hop is just what was popular when I was a kid.

3. Other than a rapper, did u wanna be anything else, career wise??
I used to play basketball when I was younger, since I'm tall everybody thought I was gon do that, but I really wanted to be a comic book artist. My pops passed in '03, but he was a comic book fanatic. He used to have me and my two younger brothers goin crazy over comics. I guess I just really wanted to be a artist the whole time.
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4. As far as rap goes, do you think its headed in the right direction?? If not, what you gunna do to help it out??
I think rap is rap. I'm a hip hop artist so I think REAL hip hop is still alive, rap is a fad, one day the industry will remember what hip hop is, an I'll be the reason why.

5. What do u think is the basis of your style?? Not only dress, but rap style as well??
My style is a lil bit of everything, artistic, colorful. I love to explore different venues of art, film, sound, style, fashion design. I express myself to the listener to the point where they can see what I'm explaining.

6. What is your favorite track you ever done?? Compare it to your first ever recorded track.
I can't really say which track of mine I like the best, I'm my biggest critic. But I can say my first songs I remember recording had a lot of curses, LOL, I have came a long way,LOL.

7. How do you compare yourself to other rappers out in your area??
Not to step on any toes but I'm from Dallas and right now everybody is into the club hits. When I prefer to be a lil more diverse, I life to do it all. Since I listen to different types of music like, Punk, Rock, Electronica, it effects my approach towards hip hop.

8. What artist would you choose to make the banger of the year?? You of course are on the track but...who would u feature??
I really like Max B right now, as far as the east coast, he has a lot of style. From the south I'ma have to say my boy Gucci Mane, FREE GUCCI, he is one of the hottest in my region. But since I'm livin out in Northern Cali, I'ma say Ya Boy, outta San Fransisco, he's a beast!

9. Where have you performed?? Favorite place?? If you haven't performed where do u want to??
I just really started doin shows since I moved to Cali. Shouts to my cousin Torrey-Tee CEO of Full Effect ENT. He's been hookin me up on that tip. I used to DJ when I was in high school, I used to do the parties, but in Dallas, niggas be Fooly Wayne'n (thats actin' a ass). They used to shit them shits down, LOL. I would like to perform at The House of Blues, every location, sorta like a tour.

10. Who do you thank most for your success in the rap game??
My mom, my dad , my grandmothers, all my family, my team. Mobblyfe Afficial for pushin' me to be a boss.
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11. Any last words or shootouts??
Yeah, R.I.P. Pimp C, Mac Dre & all the fallen soldiers in the music biz. R.I.P. to all my family members that passed & my Father, my Uncle. Shouts to my team Mobblyfe, my label Mobbstarr ENT., Torrey-Tee & Full Effect, My Family, the cities of Dallas & Sacramento. To all the people who ride wit me, also shouts to my homie behind them bars Herschel "H-Wood" Smith, Hola Ya Head. Yall niggas and bitches in the game, watch out, I'm coming for blood!

Bonus Tracks
Slicc Ronson feat. Torrey-Tee & YB - We On [Hot Fiya]

Slicc Ronson feat. Polo - Marksmen (Freestyle) [Fire]

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