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DJ Unreal - Interview

TooKnowns Interview of the Day

I had sat down for a lil interview with DJ Unreal a lil bit ago but it got cancelled due to both of us being really busy and working and grinding all the time. So we decided this is the next best thing. So here you go, lots of info and a couple of new pics!!!!!!

(TooKnown)1. What up man, thanks for sittin down with me for this interview. First off for the people who don't know you and where your from....let em know!!
(DJ Unreal)My name is DJ UnReaL, Im a DJ out of Miami, Florida. Been in the game for over 2 years now, & im currently running the Instrumental Game...haha.

2. How did you get into the whole DJ thing and how did you come up with the name Unreal??
Ahh a little over 2 years ago. I used to listen to the radio all the time, 99 Jamz with DJ Khaled & 103.5 The Beat with DJ Epps & DJ Ideal. And just wanted to be a DJ by listening to what they was I started DJing.

3. Southern Hustler Ent. is like your Young Money wanna give a lil bio?? Tell people how it started? Where the name come from?? Give a lil roster??
SH Ent. is basicilly just a small group of artist that we formed for fun really.
The roster includes:
the remedy
BizNiz Kid
Yung P
J.R. Bricks

4. I know your wellknown in the South FL area but more importantly on the Mixtape Sites for ur series(Southern Hustler Instrumentals), which I hear is stopping at 36 is that true??
As of now, I'm currently NOT stopping at 36. I've been giving this alot of thought & I've decided to not stop. 35 is droping November 21st & it is a 2 CD Release. But I'll probably stop round 40. Cuz by that time, my ablum will have been droped. Oh and if u didn't no after the album I'm quitting..
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5. What artists have you done mixtapes with?? Who do you want to work with in the future(famous/indie)??
I've done mixtapes with the following:
J.R. Bricks
Currently working on mixtapes with:
The Remedy
Biz Niz Kid
Honestly, I dont see me around long enough to connect with anyone famous.

6. Ok. Yes, I'm the one that filmed the video with over 700 plays on Youtube...about the beef between 3 DJs YOU included. DJ UnReal, Papa Smirf, The Empire. Wanna explain a lil bit??
First off, Papa Smirf & I are straight. We really was neva involved so we cool on dat. But on the real, I dont hate The Empire, I just don't respect him. Its madd simple. Listen. You either have turntables or u don't. If you dont than your considered a Fake & I dont like fakes. Its fakes like him that are ruining the DJ industry. Hes making it look like you dont need turntables to be a sucessful DJ. That aint right...

A Mixtape is a Varity of songs mixed by the DJ. If theres no mixing then what the fuck u doin? Screaming over tracks & playing gay (The Empire..Not for the Weak Hearted) sound efftects dont make u a DJ. So theres no hate to him, I just don't respect what he's doin. I mean go ahead & get yo money. But if you gunna do it. Do it right...

7. Living in South FL..its the shit of course with the beaches, the money, the girls, (THAT GOOD), the music, the cultures...but give me a list of ur favorite CDs.
-Favorite Ever - Rick Ross - Port of Miami
-Hip Hop - Young Jeezy - The Inspiration
-R&B - Timbaland - Shock Value (this even R&B? LOL)
-Techno - Robert Miles - Dreamland

Theres alot of good ablums, so I had to narrow it down to what i listen to most.
But for the Techno album heres one the the best songs off the album:

I'm gunna add to this. As I'm a huge Techno/Trance/Dance/House dude, heres some of my favorite songs from those genres:
Marco Demark - Tiny Dancer
Jamaster A - Heart of Asia (Shaun Baker Remix)
DJ Marc Marberg - Megashira
Eric Prydz - Pjanoo
EliZe - Automatic (The Attic Remix)

I have one more which I won't list as im Premiering his first single tomorrow night.. Very Exclusive shit hahaha LoL stay tuned.

8. Any advice u got to up and coming DJs??
Well if u a blender, fuck u. Lets not get it twisted tho, I'm talking about the blenders that spend all day making nothing but blends. U no the DJs where when u click on there myspace its got like 10 myspace players full of their blends LoL...
But fo real tho, get out and get turntables. Support the DJ industry. Theres already too many fakes out there. I know turntables aint cheap, but if u got a job or a good hustle then it shouldn't be a problem. Why wouldn't you want to play the records the way they supposed to be played. Hip Hop / Rap is meant to be scratched, real talk.

9. Oh no I did not for get...Summer of Love is that single...& Pianoistic is you new single? But when is the tape coming out?? Unrealistic Right?? How did you come up with that name?? Do you got a tracklist or a cover...or both??
Yes, haha, Summer of Love is a hit, its gettin spins on the radio as well. I got it playing on a few internet radio stations as well. I've gotten it on a few record pools and mixtapes but you best believe a (Remix) is in the works! haha. PiAnOisTis is the first single off my first and only Hip Hop album that drops 11/30. A snippet is actually premiereing tonight @ a special VIP Party. Which I might be broadcasting live, but I don't know yet though. Yeah the single is like a Go Hard & 100 Million Dollars mixed together type track. Its like Cool & Dre & The Runners worked together to make this big record,its crazy, thats all I'm gunna say.

I was actually listening to Pulse Radio with one of my females about 2 months back and I heard a crazy love song, but like gutta sounding too u know? Hearing that, I decided I needa do a R&B song. So I just started thinking of names
and came up with LoVeRisTic. I was so excited about it (No Homo!!) I didn't even think of UnReaLisTic till like a month ago, but thats how I came up with the name UnReaLisTic

UnReaLisTic is my first and only Hip Hop album. It will be released early 2009 and I'm producing the hole album..

Unofficial Tracklist:

01 - Intro
02 - UnReaLisTic feat. Various Artists
03 - Five Six Ace
04 - Summer Of Love (Remix) feat. Various Artists
05 - LoVeRisTic
07 - Rev It feat. Various Artists
08 - GuTTeRisTic
09 - Memory
10 - PiAnOisTic feat. Various Artists
11 - My Speakers So Loud
12 - Im God
13 - Infinity
14 - Money In Da Air
15 - GloBaLisTic feat. Various Artists
16 - Southern Hustlers (10-10-10)
17 - InFerNaLisTic feat. Various Artists
18 - Outro

Oh I almost forgot that that Memory track is dropin real soon. That shit gon make u cry, hahaha no lie, the song makes u think (No Homo!!)

10. How can people contact you??
They can get in contact with me by any of the following:
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11. Other than that, good interview and well deff be hearing that tape soon and cant wait for it to come out. You got any last words or shoutouts??
Yeah deff gotta shout you out TooKnown for doin this interview with me...
Also gunna shout out the following people:
The Remedy
BizNiz Kid
J.R. Bricks
& shoutout to everyone else I didn't mention. Plus, much love to all my active members/usergroups on

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